Increase Download Speed on Android Phones using Turbo downloader


If you’re downloading files on your computer, then there are ways to increase download bandwidth or increase broadband speed download. Now if you’re downloading files using your Android phones, then there is a app that can increase your download speed in your android phone. It promises faster downloading (up to 5x times) than the native downloading application for android.

Turbo downloader for android is a great app. Starts off at a fast speed and downloads files quickly than the native download application. Turbo Downloader makes use of multiple connections to download files to your phone. The settings will help you to optimize your speed even further.

Increase in download speed – don’t take it literally. Your download speed is always limited by your internet provider, Turbo Downloader will not increase your network bandwidth but will try to maximize your download connections to servers.

This app works well with all browsers such as Android default stock browser, Chrome, Dolfin, UC, Opera, Firefox etc. If you want to download a video or mp3 song from the web page. Tap on the link or Long press and choose Share link – Turbo downloader.

Make sure that only servers with direct links to download are supported. Only some servers might support Resume/Start downloads. So if your download server doesn’t support, the app also doesn’t support Pause/resume option.

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