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There are lot of third party image hosting services and popular ones like Imgur, tinypic etc. Image hosting services are mainly used by the marketers to upload their product images and also by people from other professions. However, everytime some one views your picture, it would take lot of resources like bandwidth etc. Also, hosting your images on other sites isn’t guaranteed that it would be safe and not removed. If you use lot of images in your business, then many services don’t have enough memory to store their images. If you’re a big company and want to run your own image hosting service, here is a quick way to setup one. With your own Image hosting service, you can upload any number of images with good quality at low cost. You can provide image hosting options to other companies under your banner too.

As you may think, setting up and running own image hosting service is difficult and you need enough front end/backend coding knowledge. Not at all, with the Image hosting script these days you can easily setup your own image hosting service in minutes. ImageNuke is a very advanced image hosting script, probably the best product of its kind in the market.

With most modern functionalities that we can find in modern similar services such as Multi-image uploader, User registration, drag and drop upload facility, the way image appears and its descriptions, the statistics, the sharing codes, social network integration, etc. As a admin, you can easily setup and run this script. You have all the advanced adminstration options and 100% encrypted.

ImageNuke is a simple image hosting script that can be bought once and use many times. One time purchase gives you unlimited license and unlimited updates. You can download new versions without additional cost. As I said earlier, the setting and installation process is so simple. You don’t have to be a programmer techie to own your image hosting service. The installation is easy and doesn’t require any technical skills or a web developer.

Before we talk about the Imagenuke features – let me describe about its front end user interface. When you try out its demo, you can actually feel it. When I compare to other image hosting services, this Imagenuke script gives you users a hassle-free image uploading options. As a owner of a Image hosting service, what would be your only aim ? To bring in alot of users and make them upload tons of images and make your service a popular one among the others. To bring in users, first as a user they should like your interface which should be fast loading, easy options in few clicks.

ImageNuke script gives the finest user interface. Once you’re done with the setup of your image hosting service. You provide your users with a registration and login. Once they’re done with it, they can upload their images and it will stored in their account. The script allows upto 2MB per image file size and 150 number of images to upload per account. People can drag and drop their images to start uploading. They can either upload the pictures from their computer or directly link from another URL source in the internet.

Once done, you can edit the name of image files and add description to them. Finally your images are uploaded and users get the sharing codes. The sharing codes are in both HTML and BB code if you want to share in forums. Each image link has share codes plus social network sharing buttons to share the image on facebook, twitter etc. So as far the user side, the interface is cool and designed in a way that every one is comfortable using your image hosting service.

Users will be provided with the statistics about each image they upload. The stats will contain the number of views and bandwidth consumed. Apart from this, sharing codes, social network integration, batch file uploads etc.

If you want some strong reasons to start your own image hosting service ? With your own image hosting service you can make money easily. If you tired of all the restrictions and sick of getting your images/galleries deleted without any reason. Having your own image hosting website hosted in your own server is the best solution for all these issues.

Setting up the ImageNuke script like anyother app. Your server should have PHP and Mysql. These days all the hosting has it. Just like installing your WordPress on hosting, you can setup ImageNuke script. Once done, name your Image hosting service and start allowing it to the general public.

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