How To Send Google Reader Items to Delcious Social Bookmarking


I always use Google reader to keep up to date with latest information. Sometimes, I follow tutorials and useful list of tools that I want to bookmark it. Delicious, my primary bookmarking app doesn’t integrate with Google reader. Most of the times I simply wanted to star a Google reader item which I found useful so that I saves into my delicious bookmarking list. We can make this happen with the help of ifttt recipe.

What is ifttt ? ‘If this then that’ is the explanation of ifttt. It’s like a simple app task scheduler. For example : combing two web applications to generate a task with the help of ifttt. On the past, I had written alot of ifttt recipes which can be found here. Follow the ifttt tag.

Now with the help of ifttt, we are going to learn how to send an article from Google reader to delicious bookmarking directly. The idea about the recipe is, when you star a Google reader item, (starring an item in Google reader is like favoriting the article for later read) – so star an Google reader item and it automatically saves it to your Delicious social bookmarking.

First 3 things that you need :

1. A Google reader account (sign in with Google/gmail account)
2. A Delicious social bookmarking account.
3. A ifttt account. Its free, simply sign up.

Then, Login to your ifttt account. Now allow both the profiles (Google reader and Delicious) to authorize with your ifttt account. Inside ifttt, there are lof of social elements like twitter, facebook etc. When you allow your profiles to access your ifttt account, then you can follow the specific ifttt recipe to achieve the task.

Once you’ve activated both the Google reader and delicious profiles to auth with ifttt account. Move to the action part. Action part of the recipe is the main thing where you can customize how you want your bookmark to appear when you star an item from Google reader.

Finally once done, click use recipe and that’s it. Test trail few times by starring an item from your Google reader and check whether it saves a bookmark in your delicious account.

Reader Favorites to Delicious Bookmark Recipe

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