How To Make Time Lapse Videos with Photos


You may have watched time lapse videos on YouTube, no ? watch this timelapse video. So, how are time lapse videos made ? Can time-lapse videos in windows live movie maker ? What software to create time-lapse videos ? Want to create coolest time lapse videos ? Today I got to learn about a new android app that helps in create timelapse videos. You can make free timelapse videos with the help of android app called PhotoChron.

Photochron android app allows users to keep track of changes, through a time lapse video that you can share with your friends. Unlike normal timelapse videos, this app helps you to create a time lapse video with photos. Ofcourse this ain’t taking pictures and put them into a video. There are lots of features of this application designed to make the process even easier.

How does this application work to take time lapse shots ? First it reminds you daily to take a new picture once a day / week or month. It also aligns your photos with frames to help keep them consistent. You can use one of the default frames or overlaid on the last picture you took. This creates a much better looking finished product.

Finally build it into a time lapse video for you to share with your friends. Your can share the videos on YouTube, Facebook, Google+ or email. Better way to use this app is to keep a record of your baby growing up. Track its appearance as it starts learning things. No problem if you didn’t align the photo right, you can edit it afterwards to make the perfect image.

Download and try the application – PhotoChron

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