Find My First Tweet & Display All Tweets on Single Page


Earlier I wrote a trick about finding your first tweet that you’ve tweeted on Twitter. At the time of writing it was working, later found through comments from people that the trick stopped working. So here is another way to find out your first tweet on twitter. The app helps you to display all the tweets on single page. With that if you scroll down to the last, you can find out the first tweet of any tweeple.

What is My First Tweet ?

My first tweet app (All My Tweets) is a simple web app that allows you to view all your tweets on one single page. From that, you can scroll down to last and find out your first tweet.

Twitter API has few limitations. The app works by retriving all your tweets in single page, but limits the number of tweets to 3200.

So, if your tweet count is less than 3200, you can easily find our your first tweet.

Let’s test out AllMyTweets app. I entered the twitter handle of popular Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar (sachin_rt)

In the above screenshot, I just highlighted his first tweeted.

The app shows all the tweets along with the date and a direct link to the tweet page.

It doesn’t show any deleted tweets from the user.

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  1. yChian says:

    It works. But my tweets stopped at 3178 instead of 3200. Retried a few times.
    Nonetheless, thanks for the effort &:’)

  2. Jason says:

    Yea. Since I have well over 3,200 tweets, I can’t see my very first one. Darn.

  3. Agnes says:

    Damn. I have well over 3,200 tweets, so I can’t see my very first tweet.

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