Find My Fake Twitter Followers and Spam bots


Today found a crazy twitter app that lets you know the fakers and inactive accounts that follow you on twitter. Here am going to discuss about a small app that helps you find fake twitter followers and spam bots and also a way to remove the fakers. Previously I had written about twitter apps including unfollow twitter users who don’t follow you and deleting all my tweets at a time and many more.

You must have dozen twitter accounts for various testing purposes, some times if you want to turn into legit cleaning some fake twitter followers and spam bots will be more helpful in using the account. A small app developed by Status People ‘Fake Followers Check’ helps you in identifying the fake twitter followers and spam bots which you cannot do it manually as it is time consuming task.

You can simply authorize your twitter account to find out your fake twitter followers and also if you want to find how many fake followers your friends have. Below is the screenshot of my twitter account fakers score. You can follow me @dangerdiabolick and see my score below. I have 2% fake accounts followers and 8% of inactive followers. This tool helps me to find out how many spam accounts are following me.

The company tells you why you should use this tool –

First it’s important for you to be sure when you communicate on Twitter that you are communicating with real and active followers. Because the more active your follower base the more likely they are to share your content. The second reason is there are a growing number of Fakers out there. People who buy followers in a vain attempt to build legitimacy. “Look at me I have 20,000 followers, I must know my…” They are essentially trying to game the system and it’s important for you to be able to spot them, and steer clear of them.

You can find out yours at

This kind of service is limited useless because I do not really affect my followers. That said, I took the opportunity to clean up my account via , but just a little better to manage my following and not my followers. Manage Flitter helps you to find who unfollowed you on twitter and also organize your followers/following lists and find new people on twitter.

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  1. umashankar says:

    Thanks for the info. Checking my account :D

  2. madmadrasi says:

    1st you’ve to acquire so many tweeter followers for this. With 14, I’ll take them all. :-D

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