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Grooveshark is my primary music tool. I had told this before in a post – I stopped buying music CD’s, now I listen all the latest music albums in Online using Grooveshark. It can hold all my playlist and organizes beautifully. So many third party extensions, mobile apps that allows me to listen Grooveshark anywhere, anytime. For example : A simple app Groovebud turns into a remote control for Grooveshark which can be controlled through mobile phone.

As I said, so many browser extensions for Grooveshark – Sharkzapper a chrome extension allows you to control the Grooveshark player from a corner of your chrome browser with single click without your work getting distrubed by everytime opening the grooveshark tab to control the songs and playlists.

Likewise there are lof of Windows applications and Grooveshark app for mac to control and use Grooveshark music app effectively. Officially it doesn’t allow anyone to download the songs played in Grooveshark. But, there are many apps and browser addons to download Grooveshark songs.

Previously I had also written about Firefox addon Groove Shredder and Windows application WinGrooves – where you can listen to Grooveshark songs without even opening your browser. A famous tool Grooveshark downloader, a simple tool to download grooveshark songs. You just search for an ablum or artist, select the songs and download them to your desktop.

Today we have a similar freeware ‘Grooveshark Downloader’. Its more than that you think. It allows you to listen and download songs from all over the internet including grooveshark, soundcloud and lot more multiple sources.

It has a nice search feature which brings very acurate results about search terms like “artist” or “song name” or you can bring most popular songs with just one click.

It allows you to import your playlists easly, you just need to copy/pastle the playlist URL or playlist ID or you can create a new playlist.

It also allows you to add downloaded songs into iTunes Library automatically.

Another nice feature is, while you listening a song it brings song lyrics, album cover, informations about artist and wallpapers about artist. It has a very nice built-in media player.


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