Design Quotes About Life for Facebook with Inspirably App


Usually when I browse Facebook, I come across lot of interesting pictures and mainly inspiring quotes about life, breaking up quotes, etc. I used to imagine that these quotes on facebook are made using Photoshop. But later, when I found this app which can easily create quotes on Facebook without Photoshop knowledge. If you want to update quotes on life as facebook status, there are two ways – either as text or picture. Usually picture gets more conversion. It reaches lot of people.

Inspirably is a place for keeping and sharing your thoughts in a beautiful way. If you want to share some quotes on life, heartbeak quotes, sad life quotes, quotes about facebook or whatever it may be, you can say it in a beautiful way. You don’t need to learn Photoshop to design a quote poster.

This app can be used to create a quote poster. Not only to publish on facebook, but you can use the image anywhere. All you need to do get started with is, enter the quote lines and name. To highlight the word, use the * symbol in front of the word.

Once you’ve designed the Quote poster, you can convert into Facebook cover, profile picture, or wallpapers. You can also view the Top quotes and contributors at Feel free to use the quotes created in it.

Below is the sample poster which I created using the app. You should bookmark this website and later on you can use it to create inspirational quotes and publish it as facebook poster.


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