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Few months back Facebook launched its new interface with a timeline view. At first people hated it, but with lot of customization and quick facility to check updates made people slowly to like it. One of the main attraction in the new design is the Facebook Cover photo. When some one views your profile, the first thing that they see is a large banner above your profile. This space is called ‘Facebook cover photo’ and here you can upload your creativity or showcase your recent photos and call it as My profile cover photo.

Previously I had published some articles dealing with Facebook timeline cover photos including Facebook timeline cover designer iPhone app, Facebook timeline movie maker etc. The list also includes websites where you can download creative Facebook cover photos. 5 Websites to find and download Facebook timeline cover photos – here the problem is, all the cover photos are pre-made and design ready. All you need to do is, just upload them as your profile cover photo.

If you want to be slightly creative and show off to your friends – here is a new way to impress your friends by creating interactive facebook timeline cover photos. Interactive in the sense ? Before the timeline view, I wrote about 10 best facebook profile designs. Read this article and see the pictures on it, you will find the images interactive and fancy blended well with your profile picture. So if you want a creative timeline cover photo that goes blended with your profile picture – visit TrickedOutTimeline.

Tricked Out Timeline is a website that allows you to create the coolest facebook timeline cover photos and wow your friends. The website offers you 4 types of photo effects such as Merge profile photo and cover photo, Missing jigsaw effect, Tear off the bottom edge and Profile picture zoom effect. All the 4 effects are total fun and can surely impress your friends.

How to use tricked out timeline ?

1. Select your effect

2. Upload the cover photo from your computer or you can use current cover photo directly from facebook.

3. Crop the image as you want to be seen on the cover picture.

4. Right pane you can live preview it.

5. Finally click done and there you go !

You can save the profile photo and cover photo to your computer. Go to Facebook and change them.

How to add a cover photo on facebook ?

1. Click your profile button (next to the home)

2. Now left side you can see your profile photo, on the right side move your mouse hover you can see option to upload the cover photo.

3. Select a photo and upload it as cover photo.

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