Create Google Cache Bookmarklet to View Cached Version of a Website


Searching Google cache for a website is so easy. Before learning about it, let’s find what is Google cache ? How is it useful ? Google crawls the web and takes snapshots of each page regularly and caches them in to their server, which is web content caching. . When you click Cached, you’ll see the webpage as it looked when we last indexed it. The cached link is located within the visual preview. Google Cached pages loads faster and saves bandwidth. Every search result includes a Cached link (google cache url). Clicking on that link takes you to the Google cached version of that web page, instead of the current version of the page.

Google cached pages of websites are very helpful when the website is down, slow internet connection, or the website owner has removed the page from the Web. If you’re a website owner and want to remove a page from Google and also the cached pages from Google search, I had written about it later down the post.

As I had told above, the easiest method to view a cached website is through search preview. In your search results, the right arrow hovering will show you the preview of web page and links including Cached & similar. When you click the cached, it displays the google cached pages. Sometime the Cached link won’t appear for sites that haven’t been indexed.

Recently on the Wikipedia blackout, this trick was very useful. People need Wikipedia for day to day activities, at the time of Blackout people used Cached version of Wiki pages to view the content. Creating a Google cache bookmarklet and storing it on your browser’s bookmark bar is must. Let’s learn today how to do it.

How to View Cached Copy of Web Page Using Google Cache Bookmarklet ?

First you need to create a bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are nothing but, small script that executes a useful activity (function) when clicked. It is stored as a URL of a bookmark in a web browser bookmark bar. For example, the Facebook bookmarklet – simply drag and drop the facebook bookmarklet in your browser bookmark bar. When ever you wanted to share something on Facebook, simply click the bookmarklet in the browser, it shares the content.

1. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet explorer or whatever you use it daily)

2. Right click on the bookmark bar in your browser.

3. Select ‘Add a page’ for chrome, Add new bookmark in Firefox etc.

4. Add the following code as a bookmarklet to quickly check the Google cache of the page you are on:


5. Below is the screenshot on Firefox browser : Follow the steps Add new bookmark > In the location – copy paste the above code. You can see the cache bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar.

6. Same steps in Chrome browser.

7. That’s it. Follow similar steps if you’re using some other browser. Finally, you can view google cached pages easily with single click.

Removing cached pages from Google

If you’re a webmaster, you can easily remove the cached page of your websites using Google webmaster tools. If you’ve authorized Google webmaster tools with your website, then login to it, Under the optimzation tab > Remove URL’s.

Enter the webpage URL for removal request from Google search. This removes the URL of the web page from the search results and also it removes the cached copy of the page.

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