Cool Pattern Lock Android Game


Recently when I was searching a game for my cousin who is under age 10 and downloaded popular android games. In the category of IQ, brain testing, sharpening memory – I found this game called ‘Memorize pattern’. Every one of us would’ve played in our childwood. But this is slightly different when it comes to smartphones. The game where you remember one object and find out the same object at different place. Similarly, you need to memorize the android pattern lock and re-create it again to move to next level.

Memorize Pattern game for Android will help you train and develop your memory by memorizing variety patterns. This is Not an app lock program, Fun game to keep your memory sharp.

First you see a pattern of possible connection of some dots in a certain order. Then you have to repeat that pattern and connect the dots in a same path and order that you have just seen. You push the screen in the starting point and slide with the finger to the following dots, which you think should come next in order to repeat pattern.

Once you finish, you move to the next level. It has more than 10,000 patterns lock designs. Each pattern move has a sound. You can set the sounds from the option menu. You can select from piano, drums, guitar and more instruments.

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