Collaborate Designer and Client With Marqueed


Found a beautiful app called Marqueed, more over a platform to connect both the client and designer. If you’re a designer or a client who wants to interact, discuss on the projects ? Marqueed is the right app. It adds a creative process by simplifying the sharing and discussion of images. For example, let’s take the role of Logo designers. They have to interact with the clients on the logo projects. Usually this happens via email. Now after Markqueed, both the designer and client can interact on the image at the same time. What’s special ? It has annotation, pen tool and more.

Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to share & communicate about images securely. It allows people to easily “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it & keeps all discussion organized for you. With super-simple sharing thrown in, Marqueed saves you time and increases productivity.

This app is not only for Designers & clients, you can use this in-house development and design projects. Say for example, The team leader starts the project and adds the team members and there you go! Start with the discussions, use tools to draw on the images, etc.

This is how Marqueed works :

1. Create a collection of photos from your computer. Drag and drop the photos

2. You can use their bookmarklet to save images directly from any website. Or add images from Google drive.

3. Invite collaboraters / team members / client (enter their email address)

4. Mark and discuss about the image.

5. You can use the marqueed annotation tool / pen tool to discuss about the elements.

6. When your team members comment on the image, you get notification and all the comments are viewable on the right side of your screen.

Marqueed meets the needs of a wide group of users, for example can be used to exchange ideas about decorating your home, to collaborate in creating a web design, to show your client and discuss, the possibilities are endless .

Try Marqueed – You will love it for sure.

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