Best Online Video Editing Software for YouTube


If you’re uploading a video to Youtube, there is an in-built video editing on YouTube. But it is not so good like other third party online video editing tools. If you consider desktop video editing softwares, there are lot of good ones like Vegas Pro, Camtasia, Final cut etc. But these video editors are too expensive for a simple video cuts, trims, cropping, adding some effects to your videos. If you’re looking for a best video editing program for Youtube to upload some personal family videos, anniversaries, birthdays, vacation trips etc – then here I present you the best online video editing tool.

Whats a good video editing program for youtube ? or what are good online video editing sites ? If you ask me I would recommend Jaycut, but unfortunately they have stopped providing the service. So the next best alternative is FlixMaster. As per the video editing industry standard, it has all the features for a perfect video editing.

FlixMaster is a online video editor like jaycut that is very easy to use in drag-n-drop interface, that allows users to upload video, edit, and then publish by embedding into a site. It’s so simple to use that any one can start editing their videos.

As said above, FlixMaster is a web based video creator that allows you to easily create professional-grade, highly interactive videos. You can have complete control from start to finish. FlixMaster handles all of the transcoding and optimization and can either host the published videos or integrate with the company’s CDN of choice.

Flixmaster is a free online video editor. When you sign up for free, you get 2GB of storage space, 1 free publish (which means you can publish only one video project that can handle only 200 plays). For a free account, its much enough. They don’t limit the video editor features, but they have limit on size, number of project and the times of play.

Once you’ve signed up, login and start creating your first project.

Then upload the media files (video files from your computer)

Once uploaded, to trim the videos just double click the uploaded vide file.

Just move the yellow sliders to trim the in and out for the video.

Likewise you have options to add buttons and many other features.

You have different video clips and in your flixmaster dashboard, just drag and drop those video clips. Use the small circle in the video to connect the nodes. There by, at certain point of time in video, you can provide two options to the viewers – Either select the option 1 video to play or the option 2. For the options you can use buttons and text labels. Finally you can hit the publish button.

For Pro customers, Flixmaster offers video analytics which lets you know who is viewing your video exactly, from which parts of the world etc. Apart from using it for YouTube, you can create videos for your small business etc or If you want to tell an interactive story with links to other videos, then this is useful.

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