Photos In Email Too Large ? Backup Photos from Email to PC


Many times I see people backing up their photos in Email or if some one sends them photos, they keep all the photos in email itself. Doing so has many disadvantage. I would like to mention two risk factors. First one mainly is, if your email ID is hacked, all your photos can be used by the anonymous hacker. Second one, if you keep all the photos in email and the disk capacity will soon be full. If you take Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other popular email providers – they provide you with limited data space such as 10GB etc. So, if you keep all your photos in email and when the photos in email are too large easily your data space becomes full. It is always better to backup them to your PC or any cloud storage.

Why should you back up data ? How to take backup of emails ? As I said earlier, benefits of backing up data are many. Taking a entire backup of emails is not so important. Back up important files alone such as Photos etc. Earlier, I wrote about backing up your entire Gmail account. You can read about it and if you’re using Outlook, then backup Outlook using Lookeen outlook backup manager. You can even take a backup of android email accounts and settings.

Today, we are going to learn about a freeware called ‘Lost Photos’ that allows us to backup all the photos we have in our email, avoiding a lot of work to do manually. Yes, once you’ve entered your email address and password, it shows you the gallery of photos in your email where you can backup to your PC in one click. For example, you may keep all your previous vacation photos in email and there are chances of data loss, to better backup today with this tool.

Lost Photos works on both Mac and Windows. Supports email from services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or Google Apps icloud. Simple to use, once we have authorized our email ID, it shows all the photos in Email as image gallery. We can download them to our PC easily. Lost photos software helps you to make a copy of all the photos you have in your email.

Lost Photos does not collect or store your login information and does not communicate information from your email to any outside server. Additionally, Lost Photos transmits data to and from email servers using a secure (SSL) connection. Another interesting feature in Lost Photos is, once it shows the image gallery from your Email – you can share those photos directly in Facebook, Twitter etc.

Sometimes while entering with your Gmail ID login, you may find it difficult when it says can’t login. To solve this, there are two issues – Here is a fix (only when you can’t login with your gmail id). The most common reason that people can’t login to their email account using Lost Photos is that they have IMAP disabled on their gmail account. Go to your gmail settings, then to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and enable IMAP. If you have enabled two-step verification in Gmail, then you will need to use an application-specific password, like you would for a desktop email client.

Here is one more issue – once you’ve logged in with your Gmail ID, if you find that it shows only less photos than the original one you may have in your email. Then you can fix it easily. This is caused by limiting the folder size of IMAP. You can remove it from Gmail Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > IMAP access > folder size limits > donot limit the number of messages.

Now when you download all your photos from email, it will stored under home directory/AppData/Local/Lost_Photos in Windows machines and for Mac
Snow Leopard: home directory/Lost Photos/Photos
Lion and Mountain Lion: home directory/Library/Containers/com.SpaceInch.Lost-Photos/Data/Lost Photos/Photos

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