Add Facebook Comments To YouTube Videos


Previously I had written about how to add my website to Facebook page and apps on facebook to publish your blog post. Later social plugin introduction, adding facebook comments to my website was made easy with the help of WordPress plugins. Now, let’s learn about adding facebook comments to YouTube videos. Normally when you want to share a YouTube video, you can use Facebook buttons provided, but if you want to use Facebook comment on YouTube, here is quick work around.

Add Facebook Comment Box in YouTube Videos

I must say sometimes the comments on a YouTube video are more entertaining than the video. Sometimes there may be thousands of useless comments and at times people share some insightful comments on Facebook. Adding facebook comments gives you the most original comments people make on Facebook.

Facebook YouTube comment browser extension for Google chrome removes all comments made by YouTube users, and replaces them with the comments that people have made on Facebook about the video.

It really doesn’t remove the YouTube comments, but hides them. With a click, you can view all the YouTube comments.

Special features you get using this chrome extension – Facebook Like button. Sharing a Youtube video takes two clicks. Share > Press Facebook button. But once you install this extension, you can see a Facebook like appearing next to Share.

The above screenshot will explain all the features clearly. Follow the arrow marks that shows Facebook like button, Click to view all YouTube comments and Facebook comment box and the list of Facebook comments displayed below the video.

If you don’t find facebook comments below videos, here is why – not all videos have comments from readers. The person should have shared the video with a public profile on Facebook to display the comments.

Try out ‘Facebook YouTube Comment’ Chrome extension

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