5 Bookmarklets to Promote Your Blog Posts


How do I promote my blog post ? There are numerous ways to promote the blog post and drive some traffic. Previously I had written alot of articles related to article promotion and driving some traffic to the blog post. I would like to list down all the important articles. As a newbie blogger, you should read those stuff to get knowledge about driving some traffic to your websites.

Only if your content is good, you get more visitors to read. So content is king ! Read about 5 ways to craft content that satisfies search engines and users. Another useful article which talks about definitive ways to drive traffic for free to your websites. Promoting your blogs on social networking ? Social bookmarking traffic, is it useful ? learn about it here.

Finally, how to market your blog for free ? 4 Comment Provoking Strategies to set your blog on fire.

5 Unique ways to promote your blog – SEO, Social media, Email, SMS, Communities.

I usually use many bookmarklets for getting the job done quicker. Suppose, if you want to share a piece of text or image on my posterous blog, I use posterous bookmarklet on my browser bookmark bar. While I hit the bookmarklet, the news gets shared on my blog. Likewise, twitter/facebook bookmarklet for sharing articles I read on the web.

How to use bookmarklets ?

Bookmarklets are nothing but a piece of javascript code. Just drag the code and drop it on your browser bookmark bar. That’s it.

Useful Bookmarklets for Bloggers

When asked how do I promote my blog post ? Few social network mediums like twitter, facebook, Google+, Stumbleupon etc. I don’t open each website and paste the blog post URl each time. Rather, with single click on bookmarklet it gets shared automatically.

5. Delicious

All my useful bookmarks and tutorial post are stored here. When ever I find a useful article on the web, I save them to my delicious account with the help of delicious bookmarklet. You can find the bookmarklet under Delicious.com/tools.

4. Google+

Promote your blog post on Google+. It is very important for a webmaster. Google has been forcing webmasters / bloggers to use Google+. It’s a harsh truth and bloggers would understand what I mean. Use this link to get Google+ bookmarklet. Simply drag the bookmarklet and drop it in your bookmarks bar of your browser.

3. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is similar to Stumbleupon. People gather and distribute content from around the Web based their interests and passions. It helps you find great content. So submitting your blog post on Scoop.it doesn’t hurt much. You get few thousand visitors per month. Use this link to get the Scoop.it bookmarklet.

2. Pinterest

One of the popular thing on social media. Pinterest is a visual bulletin board to pin your interest on the web. Pinterest bookmarklet helps you to pin images, articles easily under specific boards. Get the Pinterest Bookmarklet here.

1. Bit.ly

One of the important bookmarklet that I use everyday. Allows me to shorten lengthy URL and share to social networks. If you add a + sign to the end of the URL, it gives you statistics of clicks. Get Bitly bookmarklet here.

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