4 Websites To Hear Sound of Rain, Lightning, Water drops


If you’re looking for royalty free sfx (sound effects) looping rain sound then here are few websites that plays the sound of rain, lightning thunder storms and water drops. It brings you the mood and feel of rainy season. For me the sound of rain is always relaxing. Drizzle and fog are always depressing because we cannot hear the sound of it. I am sure hearing the sounds can bring back some beautiful memories you had in rainy seasons.

You can always listen to the sound of rain on the internet. Collected few sources that provides you with the sound of rain, thunderstorms and water drops. If you want sound effects sfx to download, here are few websites such as soundfxnow.com, freesound.org, soundbible.com, soundsnap.com and hark.com. Below are list of websites that deals only with rainy sounds and you can only hear them.

I hope these sounds can make you relax in this stressful life. Bringing the sounds of nature on the internet, best heard when you put on your head phones.


Fabrelax is a beautiful website that has 6 small widgets. Each widget plays different sounds. It provides you with the relaxing sounds to get away with your stressful life. Talking about 6 widgets – each widget can be played with sounds like Sea water, bird sounds, wind, fire, forest. You can adjust the volume of each sounds to get the best effect. Start playing the best combination such as Sea water and bird sound that gives you a feel of fresh early morning at the sea. Try out yourself at FabRelax.

Similar to Fabrelax, if you want to mix your own sounds like setting up a new environment that you would love to listen, then go here to Mix it! and mix your own sounds with various instruments, situations and download the mp3 file and load it on your iPod.


Rainymood helps you relaxing with rainymood. Apart from creating a rainymood sound, the visual is also pleasing with water droplets on your screen. The sound icon allows you to set the rainymood to heavy rain, medium and slow rains.

Raining FM

Similar to above mentioned rainymood website. Even with a few bonus battle beautiful pictures that symbolize rain.


This has got some mix of thunder sound too. Nothing to do, just launch the player and hop on a rain for a while.

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  1. Kate says:

    I like it! I am glad that you made this list! I like to listen nature sounds.
    I found this http://relastation.com/ website yesterday. It has some nature sounds too.
    Nice post, thanks.

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