25 Science Experiments For School Students To Do At Home


I luckily found this website which is run by a professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin who shares the fun of science through home science activities, public presentations, scholarship, and other programs of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy. His website ‘Scifun’ – a Science fun lab that has more than 20 Do it Yourself science experiments for kids at home and also science experiments for high school students. These science experiments ideas can be done at home with household items.

The DIY Science experiments serve to introduce your children or students, the basic concepts of chemistry through fun and practical activities. The Website Scifun.org talks about the experiments you can do at home, periodic tables of the elements, The Chemistry of Autumn Colors, Chemistry course materials and more fun widgets like Chemtime clock, interesting questions answered like ‘What is Happening When the Blue Bottle Bleaches’ and more.

I enjoyed reading almost all the science experiments and hopefully I try few things in the weekend. Some of the interesting activities includes building an electric motor, making things glow in the dark, teaches you a way to put a needle into a balloon without popping it and many more. You should definitely read and try out these experiments.

Visit this link to learn about 25 Science experiments.

Scifun.org – home website

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