2 Extensions to Read News Articles Without leaving Google Reader


Yesterday I talked about a chrome extension that allows you to read partial feeds without leaving Google reader. Instead of opening a new tab everytime to read the full article, you can read without leaving the Google reader in a beautiful popup window. Today am going to add one more extension to the list. If you’re like me who consumes all the news information via Google reader, then this is must have extension.

Before talking about the extensions, for people who love to consume information at one place – this is like a multi-branded shopping store. You get to buy all the brands under all categories under one roof. Similarly, with the use of Google reader, you can add websites, categorize them and consume the news information under one roof Google reader. Some websites will show the full news articles, some may only show partial feeds that you need to click the link and go to the website to read its full article. To avoid that, here are two extensions that will allow you to read the full news inside Google reader interface.

1. GRIwsome (aka Inline Google Reader)

We had already discussed about this extension yesterday. You can read it here.

2. Super Full Feeds for Google Reader

This extension doesn’t need any description. Because, once you’ve installed, go to Super settings (which will be available inside Google reader interface). Click on the super settings to select between Full entry content & readable content. Each feed item has 3 tabs on the top Readable, Link and Feed. Readable entry content from the source of the feed, parsed to extract only the most important content. Link will help you to view the entry link in an iframe that has it’s height adjusted to the correct size of the entry page and Original feed entry.

Note : If you want to browse the web, read and consume lot of information – For god sake leave the Internet explorer and start using Google chrome.

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  1. The partial feeds in google reader is an inconvenience, these chrome extensions help me to go through the content quickly without leaving google reader window. Thanks for sharing :) Chrome is soo much better with extension support.

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