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Are you measuring Facebook engagement ? If you’re admin of a facebook page, you can access the Facebook page analytics that shows metrics such as number of people talking about the page, user engagement datas including demographics and location. Few months back, Facebook launched a new metric “People talking about“. You can see this below the page title. The number of likes and people talking about. What actually is ? It is the success ratio of a Facebook page. If you’re branding your Facebook page, then it defines the success ratio of your Facebook page and the fan engagement.

What actually is “People Talking About This” on a Facebook page ? InsideFacebook defines it as ” People Talking About This is the number of unique users who have created a “story” about a page in a seven-day period. On Facebook, stories are items that display in News Feed. Users create stories when they Like a page, post on page wall, comment, share, answer questions, etc “

This is an important metric because it emphasizes interactions beyond an initial Facebook Like. Pages that create posts that fans enjoy will benefit. So as a brand or Webmaster who owns a Facebook page need to look forward how well to engage with fans. Not only a popular product is important, you also need to engaging fans. Also now, Facebook pages has timeline view and it shows the reach of particular post.

How to Calculate Facebook Engagement Ratio ?

For example, if you have 100,000 likes and when it shows 100,000 like this & 10 talking about this.

Then Engagement ratio =10/100,000 = 0.01%

If you have appointed a Social media manager (Facebook page manager) to manage your brand’s Facebook page, then make sure you get a decent engagement ratio. As a Facebook page owner, you should no longer bank success solely on the number of likes, consider the engagement ratio as well. Defining a Facebook page’s success depends on both ‘likes’ and ‘people talking about that’.

I wrote this article titled “10 Secrets to Increase Your Facebook Fan base” – these are some basic tips on how to get more likes for your Facebook page.

Also If you check out the top 10 biggest pages on Facebook, you can find out a pattern of engagement with their fans. Get the idea and plan your steps. If you’re looking forward to drive some traffic to your websites/blogs, then here is a beautiful article on it. It teaches you how to build your Facebook profile and drive few thousand visitors to your blog.

Facebook page as a platform provides a great opportunity to interact with your clients/fans. The Facebook page analytics gives you a market research information needed to keep your product and service offerings fresh. I would like to share a few proven engagement ideas that would help your brand or website on facebook to get engaged more with your fans.

1. When you’re sharing a post or adding a photo to your Facebook page, the new timeline gives you an option to highlight the particular post in a full width frame as in timeline that increases the interest of your fans, getting in more attention than the usual double column updates.

2. Another proven method to make fan engagement is by adding sharable content. If you update boring contents and photos, your Facebook fans may not read/comment/share the update. So, to make it more engaging – Ask engagaing questions once a day. Also while uploading photos, make sure the photos are shareable (that are interesting and pushing them to share with their friends). For example, a health tip or infographic kind of images gets easily shared. If you keenly notice top humor pages on Facebook, the meme’s and interesting facts images are more shared than other stuffs.

3. Give incentives to your fans when they like your page. Suppose, if you own a brand and when some one likes your page on Facebook, display them a small incentive like discount coupon, special giveaway for Facebook fans etc.

4. The Facebook offers feature for Facebook pages is becoming popular. This “Facebook offers” for pages allows you to create a offer for your customers and your fans get to claim the offer. You can use this feature for free of cost and go viral. (only if you provide exciting deal)

5. The above mentioned methods are all free of cost. If you’ve funds to advertise, then go for advertising. Advertise outside Facebook, bring in some fans to your page. Inside Facebook, you can use Facebook ads to rotate ads daily – that keeps your engagement high. When advertising on Facebook, do a slight market research and the let the ads be creative.

6. Some basic tips like adding “Follow us on Facebook” tag at the end of email signature, using Facebook URL as video watermark, adding social sharing buttons on blog post, designing a crystal clear timeline cover image that conveys your product idea are few other tips to get more fans and great connection between you and your audience.

7. You can even create tutorial videos specially for Facebook fans. Make sure these videos are made only for Facebook fans and you don’t upload them anywhere else. This way will keep them coming back for more.

8. One main rule to engage more with fans is to respond to their queries, comments etc. Either positive one or negative, do respond to their questions.

9. Even if your brand isn’t connected to the topic, discuss about various current issues on the page. For example : If you own a restaurant page on Facebook, congratulating your nation’s olympic winner wouldn’t hurt much. Fans love it when you involve them in the current trending topics. This way, your post/image gets shared easily and also you have possiblity to share with your fans.

Fine example for the above mentioned point is, Amul’s posters. Amul is an largest Indian Food brand and their effective marketing startegy may be jaw dropping. They make interactive posters on current trending topics and upload them to their Facebook page. You can check the slide presentation of Amul Marketing Strategy, brilliant one.

10. As I said before, if your company has funds – you can develop your own social engagement Facebook app – Take your fan engagement to the next level by offering unique, interactive apps that provide additional value to users. Example : Nivea armprint whitening deodorant facebook app.

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