URLOpener Productivity Tool To Open Multiple Websites at Once


If you want to open a bunch of websites at once, you can easily do it with the help of this online tool. You can batch file open multiple websites tabs in a single browser window. Basically this tool will be useful for people who’re into research topics and opening a bunch of website links one by one is a boring task, so how do you open multiple web pages at once ? Simply use this online tool, grab all the url links that you need to open and you’re done.

I use URLopener.com all the time when checking related urls for specific topic or press coverage. Rather than going to each website one by one, I copy all the URLs and dump them into this tool and press go. Each site will be opened in a new tab.

Opening the website links in a new tab or new window is all depends on your browser settings. If you have kept the setting to open new URLs in new tab, then it opens all the website urls in new tab, else in new browser window.

Just copy bunch of website URLs and paste it in URLopener.com. Once you’re done, hit the submit button. It lets you open a whole list of URLs at the same time!

If you’re too lazy to open URLopener and paste those links to open websites at once, then you can try this chrome extension called Pasty, that makes your job much easier than previous one. You need only to copy the website links and hit the Pasty icon at the chrome address bar. It opens all the web pages at once.

For example : If the URLs are


All you need to do is, just copy above url list and click Pasty icon. Pasty is very simple multiple url opener. Do not need paste. Click pasty icon only, it opens all the web pages at once.

Downlaod Pasty Chrome extension.

If you want to show a bunch of links, then you can read this post on How to Mask bunch of website links into one master URL. So that when a person clicks on the master URL, he will be shown with the list of links.

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  1. Pasty, looks like a great Chrome Extension. Will try it out soon, finally a time saving extension

  2. Andrew says:

    This could be handy, though, I prefer this script for Windows 7 and Firefox:

    SET BROWSER=firefox.exe
    ECHO Opens multiple tabs for %BROWSER%
    ECHO Requires *.cmd as extension, NOT *.bat
    ECHO Tabs will open in browser that has focus
    @ECHO ON
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “majorgeeks.com”
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “http://www.tomshardware.com/”
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “news.com”
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “youtube.com”
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “xbox.com”
    START %BROWSER% -NEW-TAB “gigabyte.com”
    ECHO — DONE —

    • Andrew says:

      If you try copying those lines of text into notepad, it will carry this sites text formatting. You will need to remove the text formatting. I should have known better…

  3. Qasim says:

    Urlopen does not work with Google Chrome. It works on firefox for me.

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