Bump : Magical App to Transfer Photos to Computer, Bump 2 Phones to Transfer Contacts, Apps


Those days bluetooth/data cable are few ways to transfer photos and files to PC. Now with modern technology, bumping two smart phones to transfer photos, contacts etc. Bump is an android app that allows you to transfer photos, contacts and recommend apps to your friends just by bumping two phones. Bump has introduced a new feature that lets you to transfer photos from your android to PC in a magical way.

What it does ? Open bump, tap space bar in your computer keyboard, transfer photos from android to PC. that’s it. don’t believe me ? watch the video below

Transfer Contacts To Android using Bump

How to use bump between two friends ? Both should have bump. Install bump (its cross platform and supports iPhone, Android etc) Open them, bump two phones, it will transfer the contacts/photos/apps etc.

First once you install bump, edit your profile with your vcard including phone number, email id, website url etc. You can add more fields such as office number, mobile number, fax etc. That’s done, when you bump, it will transfer the contacts automatically. Apart from it, you can also share contact from your SIM/phone contact list.

If you want to send photos, select the photos and bump it again to transfer between phones. Similar way to transfer contacts and recommend apps. Bump is a cross platform, so it works across most smartphone devices such as android, iphone etc.

Transfer Android Photos To PC

If you want to transfer photos to pc, go to bu.mp, make sure you allow the app to detect your location, now open bump app in your phone, select the photos that you want to be transfered, once selected, hold the phone in your hand and hit hard the space bar in your keyboard. that’s it.

Bump app will ask for connect to PC, similarly the website will ask for connect to mobile device.

If you connect, you see all the photos from your android device in your PC.

You can share those photos directly on facebook, create a public link to view online or drag and drop those photos to your PC to save it.

and also one click download all photos.

Downlaod Bump for Android | iPhone

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