Silent Install Windows Applications, Softwares using TGUP


The Great Unattended project is what one must need while installing software applications in Windows. Let’s take two scenarios, When you fresh install Windows 7 on your computers and want to set up other software programs for daily usage, you need to download one by one and install them. It’s a tough time consuming job. The second scenario is, when your software requires updates and frequent update notification from various softwares constantly bug you ? then time to get rid of all the software notifications and update them in a silent installation. These unattended or silent installers will help you achieve the task and also save your time.

One of the popular and free silent installer is Ninite, where you select applications for browsing, messaging, media, runtimes, image softwares, documents etc. You pick the software items from each categories and finall you get the ninite installer. All you need to do is, just click on the ninite installer to start with complete silent installation of all the selected softwares.

Similarly today we’ve got TGUP (The Great Unattended Project) is an Online Unattended Installer that downloads and installs latest versions of commonly-used freeware silently in sequence and sorts them into the startmenu.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed TGUP, on the start up window you have options to change the default language of the apps you would like to install
and decide between two modes, either to download and install files directly to your pc, or Download only and create a silent installer, that you can use offline later. Also you can let TGUP only update already installed apps on your pc.

Then you can choose the Apps you would like to Install. Just check them, hit Next and relax, till TGUP finishes Installation. It compares installed versions on your system with the current version, and displays the Application Name underlined and italic if it is not up to date.

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