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Today I found a super cool online tool that automatically converts PSD to HTML and CSS. You don’t have to be a tech savvy or Photoshop master to do PSD to HTML program. This web app acts as a PSD to HTML plugin that allows you to upload the PSD file and automagically converts them into HTML & CSS, emails you the data. If you’re designing a website layout, then split it into various PSD and upload it to this app. Get the HTML / CSS codes quickly. There is no manual work involved. Everything is completely automatic. Currently there is no offline version.

MarkupWand is a simple Free PSD to HTML converter online that allows you to upload PSD files and emails you the HTML and CSS code of it. It is always a plus point having some base html/css to work on your PSD layout. If you’re creating a new website design, then quickly converting the PSD to HTML is a advantage, later you can optimize the code further for better results.

Markupwand is purely best practices PSD to HTML for beginners and the website has 5 tips on how to get the best out of it. If you’re uploading the full page PSD template and wanted to convert into HTML, CSS, then currently it won’t work properly. So they suggest you to split page into pieces such as header, footer, body, widget, sidebar and so on if you wanted to convert psd to html wordpress theme.

I just wanted to focus on Five tips given on the website to get good results :

  • Break your page into smaller pieces (header = 1 .psd, same for body, footer, sidebar, etc)
  • Use one text layer for each logical piece of text
  • Each icon or image should be a single layer or a smart object
  • Want CSS buttons? Use shapes; not images.
  • Avoid any hacks.

Using Markupwand is simple. Go to > allow it to access your Google account (uses for sending you the output file) > upload your PSD file from your computer or directly from your dropbox account > wait till it gets uploaded and you can close the window. In the mean time, it processes your PSD image and converts them into HTML. You get the output link in your email inbox.

Go try this beautiful tool > Markupwand !

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  1. MarskupWand seems cool, Made Web designing much easier, Thanks for sharing information, Subscribed

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