Manage Your Personal Finance with Lemon Android Personal Finance App


Once again I wanted to talk about one more Personal Finance app for android phones. Few weeks back I wrote about Conmigo app which I am using on my Android phone to manage my personal expenses. If you’re tracking money expenses or looking for personal finance manager for your android phones, I highly suggest you to try this app. If you want to do business expense management or personal expenses management system, you can do it with Lemon Android app.

Lemon app describes itself as ‘The Wallet with a twist’. I consider it as one of the best apps that teaches you how to manage expenses easily. The user interface is so simple and has all the useful elements such as changing currencies, categorizing your expenses, you can add an sub-item, discount, tax and note to your expenses.

You can add entries by two ways. Either you can manually add them or just scan the receipt, Lemon app automatically adds the entires and organizes them with tags. Everything is neatly labeled and easy to find. This money manager, showing you exactly how much money you have, how much you spend, and how to spend smarter.

As I said above, Lemon syncs all your expenses online. You can go to, enter with your login details and check your dashboard for the details. You can also add receipts from the desktop and it gets sync with your smartphone.

First install the Lemon app on your android phone

If you have lemon account, sign in. Else create one for free.

While creating, enter your email, lemon username and PIN (4 digit secret number). PIN acts as your password.

Start using Lemon app, All your financial exp will be backedup online. You can retrieve them anytime using your Lemon account.

There are 3 ways to enter your receipts :

1. Snap a photo of your receipts and capture the data. It lets you scan your paper receipts and turn the images into useful information that’s taggable and searchable so you can get organized and know where you’re spending your money.

2. Use your personalized Lemon email address and send the receipts to that email address. With your personalized email address, which you can give it to your merchants and keep your inbox free of spam.

3. You can also enter the receipts manually from the app.

You can organize your purchases by adding labels and categories.

It’s easy to see exactly where your money goes with at-a-glance charts and graphs.

You can find out how your spending breaks down each month.

You can also export receipt scans and data anytime to Evernote, Expensify or Box.

Overall, Lemon android app is easy way to manage your money and expenses.

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