Is Instagram Only for Phones ? No, Get your Real Instagram Sunglasses


As you all know, Instagram one of the popular photo manipulation app for smartphones such as Android, iPhone (Yet to release for Blackberry & Windows Phone) gives you various effects to your photos through its Instagram filters. Instagram filters are major game changers when it comes to photo effects. Apart from Instagram for phones, get Instagram inside your sunglasses for real.

Few months back, I read a news that some one is into developing Real Instagram camera and also he is done with the Prototype of Real Instagram camera. The camera has all the Instagram filters and tools built inside which can give your photo a vintage or retro feel. The Instagram Socialmatic Camera comes with 16gb storage, wifi, bluetooth, internal printer to make your pictures real instagram, 4 color ink and InstaOS which integrates system and facebook etc.

Today I learned about the work of German Designer Markus Gerke where he ports Instagram into real life sunglasses that can add Instagram effects when you’re viewing. The creator of this prototype says that he was inspired of the recent ‘Google Glass’ augmented reality glasses. Now you can get a new pair of sunglasses with Instagram on it.

The device is known as Instaglasses which has a camera of 5 megapixel where you can take photos and edit using Instagram filter effects. Once you’re done, the glass also WiFi connection to upload the photos. Apart from it provides 2 GB internal memory, battery life of 7 hours.

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  1. I would however imagine that they would do some damage to your eyes wouldn’t they?

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