If You Don’t Have Conmigo Expenses Manager App, You’ll Regret Yourself Later


I have been using this android finance app past few weeks and completely loved it. The idea is perfect and does exactly what most of them need. When running a business, managing expenses is not quite easy. Even if you’re going a trip with your friends, managing expenses such as who spent the large amount and how much others should owe, calculating things is tough. A real lifesaver and must have android app. Yes, am talking about the Conmigo app for android – One of the best expense manager app android.

Conmigo android expense manager app lets you to tackle financial expenses and settle easily with roommates, friends and partners. You can manage expenses, track them within any group, know your balance and settle debts in one click. It might sound like other finance apps for android, but what makes it to stand out from the crowd is it’s beautiful interface. WOW, they are amazing and swipe left/right to take notes and settle debts.

You can create groups of partners to share expenses with. Groups such as Business, Room mate expenses, Vacation with friends etc. Add expenses based on the category such as food, shopping, business bills, rent etc. You can also create special notes for the amount which you enter. So, download the app, install it. Sign up for the first time. Enter your name, email address and password. Sign up for free. In settings, you can sync the details, change the currency value from USD to your own country currency such as INR or EUR etc.

When using it for the first time, add your partner name (optional) to manage the expenses between you and your partners. Once done, you can start noting down the expenses and see your balance. It will show you how much your partners owe you and the balance amount in your network etc.

There are 3 buttons on the app. Add – to add expenses, History – to check all the entires and Settle up button to settle down the debts. So click the add button and enter the amount and select the category. The amount will be equally shared to the number of group members.

If the amount is paid partially by a group member, then click add new expense, enter the amount and split the amount between group members and enter the value. Swipe to your left to enter the amount to split. Swipe to your right to add notes to the entries. You can click the names change the member and their amount spend.

I hope this explains enough and would spoil the fun if I explain each and every step. So, go try it yourself. You will completely fall in love with the app for sure. You won’t regret it later. The app is totally free on the play store. Download it now !

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