How to Remove Unwanted Objects in Photos Without Using Photoshop


Today we got a nice free android app that helps you to remove unwanted objects in photo easily. You don’t need to learn photoshop to remove objects from picture, with few simple taps, you can remove unwanted objects from a photo. Previously I wrote about a photo retouching app called Web in Paint that lets you to remove any object or person in an image. Similarly, this photo retouching app for android called TouchReTouch removes objects in photos. You can delete a background, remove objects & person etc.

There are moments with your family on a vacation or anniversary. Some photos are so perfect that certain objects or unknown people appearing it awkwardly. You can easily remove them to make that picture more perfect. With Touchretouch photo app for android (free award winning photo editor) you can easily remove them with your phone and your finger. Highlight the particular object and hit Go to remove them. You can remove buildings, wires that are in the way of an otherwise wonderful view, eliminate spots and other imperfections.

TouchReTouch allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from your photos to achieve new beautiful look. TouchReTouch is really easy to use : Just select a picture from your gallery and you are ready to go. Mark unwanted content with your finger using brush or lasso tool and remove it reasily by hitting Go button. Save it to your gallery and your are done. that’s it. Photo editing has never been so easy before.

Once you’ve installed the app, you have two links (YouTube video) to learn about the basic photo editing and advanced one on how to use TouchReTouch app. Not necessary to watch it, because the app is so easy to use. Once you’ve installed, browse a picture from gallery. Use Brush or lasso tool to highligh the area that you need to remove from the photo. Lasso tool is used for small detailing, used as a border line to round off a object. Brush tool is used to color a object to get it removed.

Now once you finish with it, click start button. It will remove the object. Apart from it, you have a eraser tool and clone stamp. Finally you can save the picture to your gallery.

Download Touch Retouch photo editor app (Also available for iOS)

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