How to Increase Life Span of Your Laptop ?


Laptops should be maintained well and it is one of the very important working tool for many of us. To keep in good condition there are many tips on how to maintain your laptop in good condition. I am not going to explain in detail. Small points that you should remember while take care of your light weight portable laptops.

Take care of laptop temperature.

Allow the laptop fan to do its job.

Place it on a flat surface.

Don’t sit on the bed or put the laptop on your lap, this way it heats up faster.

If you’re not using the laptop, unplug it.

Leaving your laptop plugged into electricity for a longer period when not in use, may affect battery.

Battery is the most important part that quickly gets damaged.

You can extend your laptop’s battery life using this small utility.

Also read about Battery Eater software, to check your laptop’s battery performance.

How to protect away from dust ? Clean regularly with compressed air to remove dust particles. This way you save internet components from being damaged.

Because, if you just leave it away with dust, it causes to obstruct the fan, then it over heats the laptop and harm your internal components

Don’t sit and eat near your laptops, spilling the drinks and food on the laptop definitely affects your device.

If you’re using a desktop, read our guide on How to Clean LCD monitors, CPU, Keyboard and Mouse.

In the next part, we will see about how to speed up your laptop performance such as what files to keep and what not, how to clean up your laptop to get high performance, tips on internet security and overall how to make it run faster.

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