[Simple Trick] How to Find Gmail ID Creation Date ?


When my gmail ID gets hacked, how do I recover my google account ? When recovering the Google account, One of the security questions asked by Google team to recover your hacked gmail accounts is to enter your Gmail creation date. How many of you remember your Gmail creation date ? if you want to find out, the only way is to search for the welcome email sent by Gmail team at the time of creation. If your account was created long back, then there is no way to find out. Also there is no official place to find out when was your Gmail account created. Then How do I find my Gmail ID creation date ? Here is a quick way to find out when did I created my Gmail account.

Similar to Facebook that announced an option to backup or download your Facebook profile data, similarly Google also has an option called Google Take out that allows you to take back up or download your profile data, picasa albums, contacts, Google buzz messages. You can export your profile data everything in one click. It lets you take your data out of multiple google products in a portable & open formats.

Google Takeout has been there since long time and what new feature added is to export/transfer your Google+ circle to another Google account. This option transfers your Google+ circles and your other connections from one gmail account to another. It replaces the circles of other users from your source profile to your target profile. Noted, your both the accounts must have the same name.

So with that option, while transfering your Google+ circles, you can find your gmail account creation date.

You don’t actually move your Google+ circles, when you try to transfer, the first step it shows you the gmail creation date. So you can note down your Gmail ID creation date and reverse the process without any loss of data.

1. First Go to Google.com/takeout

2. Click transfer your Google+ connections to another account.

3. Re-enter your email account password

4. Find your Gmail ID creation date.

Check the Video below for Step by Step Instructions :

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