How I Increased Speed Of Android Phone and Battery Life


I get questions like how do i make my android battery last longer, how to extend battery life android phone, Is there android developer battery etc. For people who mock at Android users for pathetic battery life, here is a app that can boost your android’s battery performance. Previously I had written about ways to save android battery, Android battery life tips and also mentioned some best android phones with good battery life. Today, I am going to talk about this android app that I’ve been using it for a while. It saves some battery power and extends few more hours of battery life on my Android phone. Note : This app is useful when you’re in travel.

Few months back, I had written about a research topic that says ‘Smartphone’s battery drainage is mainly because of the ads displayed in free apps’. You can disable ads in android apps, but that doesn’t look fair deal. Because only with those ads the developer earns and allows the app to be downloaded for free. If your android phone is rooted, there are apps to block ads displayed on free version too. Let this be apart, we will talk about how to extend battery life android phone and boost up android phone speed and performance.

A simple tip to increase battery life is When you’re not using your 3G/ WiFi/GPS, you can switch it off. Also allowing unwanted apps to run background might drain your battery. So, to control all these elements on your android phone, This app called ‘Netquin Android Booster’ is one of the best app to optimize performance and boost up battery life in your android devices.

If you had read my post on Android battery life tips, I had told few points that needs to be done one by one, also consumes time. But this app features all the tasks inside one interface where you can quickly access the settings. For example : It monitors battery saving stuff, task manager capabilites, bandwidth monitor, data usage and other premium features.

The topic is on How I improved my android battery performance, but this app deals with over all speed of your android device. It is also the number 1 app in play store under Android optimization apps. More than 4 million users have tried this app and it boosts up the total performance in seconds saving battery power and monitoring data usage.

Features Netquin Android Booster :

Memory Booster – Cleans up waste memory and speeds up your android device.

Task Killer – Kill apps you don’t need running with one click

App Manager – Check access to apps and One click uninstall apps

Traffic monitor – See which apps are using internet and helps to control your data usage.

Battery Power Monitor – Tells you which apps are consuming more power and extends battery life of android phone.

File manager – Access files and folders on your device

Widget – You can access all the features from your home screen by drag and drop Widgets.

The main three features of this app includes – Close apps with one click to free up memory, Monitor network connections to prevent excessive usage and Monitor power consumption to enhance stand by time.

Once you’ve installed and using it for the first time, you need to enter your monthly 3G or 2G quota limit. Suppose if you wanted to use below 200 MB, then enter 200MB and start scanning for repairs etc. Android booster will scan and display if errors.

The Netquin Mobile booster option shows the battery consumption tracker and you can know which elements consumes your battery power. Also it adds battery saving tips too.

The Netquin Memory will show you the list of apps that are running in the background and you can one click close all the apps that will free up some memory.

The Netquin Bandwidth monitor will show the amount of usage in 3G and WiFi. It also shows the apps that may connect to internet.

Apart from this, utilites tab shows other apps from the same company for android devices such as Secret box (which hides your sms and call logs), call manager to block calls in android,

Download and Try Netquin Android Booster app for free !

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  1. From what I can understand from my usage of apps, it’s not ads but the data connection itself eating most of the battery.
    Just switch off data and your phone should easily last for more than a day.

    You might want to check out this app: (blog post on androidauthority)

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