Find Out What is the Most Socially Shared Content Of Your Website


If you want to find out in which social network your website content is shared the most, then today I tell you about a cool web app that makes it easy for you. Why should you use this tool ? If you’re a webmaster or blogger, then targetting your audience on social network such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ is important. Because these three major social network has lot of people online daily. Only if you find at which social network is your website doing good, then you can plan and improve on other social networks as well.

One easy way to find out this is, if your website has Google analytics, then from the incoming visits, you can find the referral, but you cannot exactly find how many shares each webpages has got in Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Socialcrawlytics answers to this question for free. It crawls your site (or your competitors’ if you want) looking for the social shares for each of the internal pages in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest. With this information it generates a visually attractive report indicating the social networks where your pages have been shared.

Socialcrawlytics also generates a report specifying the total amount of shares that your site (or competitor’s) pages have had in each social network. So how to use this web app ? Just with few steps, you get your report.

Login with your twitter account, allow Social crawlytics (crawl+analytics) to authorize your twitter profile. Now you get to see the dashboard. You have 3 options to left of the app. To enter the website URL or any specific web page URL. To check the reports of websites and Logout option. First you need to enter the website URL or any specific web page url.

Once you’ve entered the URL, create the report by entering the crawl depth and how you want to read your reports. Either by posting it to twitter or email. The crawl depth is defined by how many clicks it would take from the starting page to the destination page. If you keep it as 0, then it would crawl only the first page. The value 1 will crawl first page and all the links contained on it and so forth.

If you don’t want to send the reports, you can view it inside the Social Crawlytics app as well. It shows the summary of total pages scanned and number of shares. The graph shows which pages are the source of your best share count per social network. It includes Twitter, Facebook, delicious, Linkedin, Googleplus and Stumbleupon.

Finally you have the Results where it shows the specific URL inside the webpage which you had entered and the number of shares on each social network. This app is completely a free service. Once you’ve logged in, it gives you free credits of 10,000 points. As you scan pages and view results, the points are reduced. If you’re down with points before you scan and view the entire results, then you can post a message on twitter to get unlimited points. It’s a way of advertising Social Crawlytics by a single tweet from you, which gives you access to more points.

Social Crawlytics.

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