Disable Metro UI Elements Start Screen Windows 8 Using Classic Starter


If you want to login to the classic desktop mode in Windows 8 Consumer preview and badly need to disable metro ui windows 8 consumer preview, you can do it easily with Classic starter utility. This classic starter program hides the Metro UI Start screen in Windows 8 and show the desktop mode. You can permanently disable the metro ui start screen in Windows 8.

How to disable metro ui consumer preview?

If you don’t like the sleek Metro User interface in Windows 8 and rather want the traditional desktop version for daily PC usage, then here is quick hack. Classic starter is a small program that allows you to go straight into your Windows 8 desktop mode rather than the start screen metro UI.

All you need to do is, just download, unzip and install the classic starter program. Open the classic starter and click the ‘Logon to classic destkop’ option. Now that’s it. It will go directly into desktop mode when the next time you login to your Windows 8 CP. Restart your PC and test it out. At the start, it will show the metro ui for a second or two, but soon you will transform to destkop mode.

This classic starter also lets you to get back to Sleek Start screen with Metro UI in your Windows 8 CP. You can easily revert back to metro styled ui just by opening classic starter again and click the ‘Logon to Metro desktop’ button.

Restart and there you go !

Download Classic Starter (link)


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