Chrome Sniffer : Find Out What A Website Is Built With


This simple chrome extension allows you to find out what platform a website is using and what other elements such as javascript libraries, web framework currently running on the website. It is useful for web developers and technology enthusiasts who wanted to learn about the frontend and backend technologies used in a website.

Previously I had written about, a website where you need to enter the website URl to find out the technology used to built it. Very useful for market research and lead generation. Now here comes the chrome extension, that makes your job easier. Once you’ve installed the extension, to which ever website you visit on your chrome browser, it automatically shows the elements used in it.

For example, If you visit our website – – it shows the elements such as WordPress CMS, Adsense, Analytics, Javascript, Twitter plugins, Google+ plugins etc.

This is very interesting concept which allows you to understand the technology behind the websites you visit. So, with this How to find out which programming language a website is built with? Based on the web framework and little bit of Googling, you can find out easily.

Once you’ve installed chrome sniffer extension, an icon will appear on address bar indicates the detected framework. Version detecting is being implemented. Currently, this extension can detect more than 100 popular CMS and javascript libraries.

Watch the video below for the demo of this extension on how it works !

Download Chrome Sniffer from extension store.

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