Android Facebook App Not Working ? Try FriendCaster !


After the recent updates of Facebook official android app, I find it too buggy and sometimes facebook app not working. The App will not even load newsfeed and after a while of loading, will announce ‘connection lost’. The facebook client application isn’t perfect when you want to use on your smartphone. Don’t believe me ? go read the user reviews on official facebook android app page at Play store. The words you see are buggy, terrible, clunky, freezing, rubbishly slow, broken, Problems, problems and problems! So,

So, Is your Facebook app android not working ? problems with notifications ? Looking for an alternative ? I just found ‘Friendcaster’ app for android that does similar job like an Official facebook app for android. This one is currently the best facebook app for android phone. Seriously the user interface and options are good with lot of advanced filtering options. It comes with the best android facebook ch vat app too.

Once you’ve downloaded Friendcaster app for android (free version), install it and open the app. You need to allow the app to access your Facebook profile. Authorize the friendcaster app to grant permissions to use all the features.

The major drawback in official facebook app for android is, the notifications don’t work sometimes. Inspite of push notifications enabled, it never worked for me. The first feature which attracted in Friendcaster was the push notifications. Once I logged into my Facebook, my phone is filled up with push notifications such as events, birthday wishes, add requests, status notifications etc.

You can change the color theme of Friendcaster. It displays list of themes from which you can select your choice. I always go with the default one which is best suited for viewing in smartphone. It has some amazing dark colors and field green, orange, girlish pink etc.

That is done, you get to see the home of friendcaster with options to browse your news feed, profile page, friends, photos, checkins, messages, notifications, events, chat, pages and top apps. Below are some screenshots of how it will appear when you use check-in feature, post status updates, insert a photo from gallery, notifications panel, Photos, etc.

You can use news feed filter to view updates from selected set of groups. If you’ve already organized your friends in groups such as college friends, office colleagues, family and by default Facebook categorizes friends list based on location too. For example, below you can see where it shows filters based on my location ‘Chennai’ and my college ‘A.M Jain college’.

Here is how it looks when you open your news feed. The top navigation bar can be used to swipe between the Facebook list of friends that you’ve categorized. The screen also has buttons to quickly update status, add photos, refresh etc. The refresh feature in Friendcaster is similar to official twitter app for android. Yes, the ‘Pull to refresh’ feature. Somewhere I read that, the pull to refresh feature was patented by twitter. How come friendcaster uses it ?

You can also manage your pages which you admin and check out the pages which you’ve liked. If you go to the pages option, it has two columns to find liked pages and manage pages that you admin.

Overall, Friendcaster Facebook app for android is currently the best one to use in alternative for the official facebook android app. You can download for free from the Google play store (link). It also has a pro version with no ads.

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