7 Popular Magazine Style RSS Feed Reader Apps


If you’re a fan of Flipboard magazine app, then today I am going to explore some Flipboard magazine style RSS reading apps for android tablets and smartphones. I am not sure how many of you use RSS feature to read updates from your favorite websites. Almost every website provides an RSS link to subscribe to their articles, so that you don’t have to visit the website every time to get latest information, instead you can use RSS feed readers to feed all those websites and inside one frame you can read all the latest articles from all the websites that you’ve subscribed. One of the popular ways to read RSS feeds is using Google reader where you can subscribe to websites from Google reader and consume information from all the websites inside Google reader interface.

Apart from using Google reader’s web interface and their mobile app, there are lot of third party apps that brings you the best reading experience by organizing your feeds in a magazine style. Just like reading print magazine, you get rich reading experience when you use these apps that are going to be listed below. Especially if you own an Android tablet, then make sure you try these magazine style RSS reader apps on them.

Flipboard :

As stated above, I love Flipboard’s user interface so much. It gives me the best reading experience on my Android tablet. The first thing that caught me is the design and the user experience. The app is beyond amazing and it imports all your feeds from the Google reader. Apart from it, shows news information from various categories. You can also integrate your twitter and facebook to post status, view, comment etc.

Download Flipboard for tablets.

gReader :

This isn’t the official Google reader app, its one of the best RSS reader apps by a third party developer bringing you the topnotch reading experience. Syncs well with your Google reader account. Two way syncs, ie; when you star an item from the app, it gets sync with your Google reader account or in a web interface. Provides full offline reading with image caching too. You can play/stream podcast, change themes, add folders/tags, notification, share articles and more.

Download gReader from play store.

Pulse news :

Pulse rss reader app is equally challenging to Flipboard. You can integrate with Google reader, import all your RSS feeds, find new discovery each week using your Pulse.me account, because each week pulse introduces new publishers. Apart from that you can save stories, read it later, send it to evernote and finally easy sharing between social networks. Reading news articles in dual view is an added advantage on Pulse. You can view the article directly on the website or read it inside pulse with a clean summary of the article.

Install Pulse RSS reader app

Google Currents :

It would recommend this app for tablet owners. Brings out beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and gives you rich reading experience. Apart from importing your Google reader contents, hundreds of publishers like Forbes, The Guardian, TechCrunch have produced in-depth articles, videos etc. It has Google trending editions where it collects the popular trending topics hourly on categories like world, entertainment, sports, science and more.

Get your Google Currents app for Android tablets

Feedly :

Among the apps discussed above, the chance of using Feedly for me is quite less. Feedly brings you a personalized magazine with a stylish interface to read and share your RSS feed articles.

Feedly for Android tablets and phones

Zite :

I was expecting something like Google currents or Pulse with some great features. But Zite brings you magazine style rss reading experience with not so great features. Zite is better optimized for phones than tablets. Try it out yourself and hope you like it.

Download Zite from Android play store

News Republic :

This app allows you to consume world news all in one place. You can select the countries, lot of advanced filter options and one of the best rated global news app with elegant design. You can set up your own news channel of your choice with your favorite categories. It can deliver full articles, photos, videos etc. I would recommend this app if you consume lot of international news.

Get News Republic from android store.

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