5 Websites to Play, Download Nintendo 8 Bit Games


Today we are going to learn about best 8-bit games for PC that can be played online. Do you remember those old days playing nintendo8 super mario bros, those graphics 8 bits which cannot be compared to todays technology. Here I will list down some retro video games that can be played online for free. In today’s technology world, you can still play 8 bit games like super mario, donkey kong, The legend of zelda and more glorious retro video games.

For playing these 8 bit retro games, you don’t have to download any thing to your computer, it can be played online for free using your keyboard. It is one of the best things to remember good old times. The games which I mentioned above are some examples, and you have lot of retro games that you can enjoy to kill your boredom. So here I list out the online websites where you can play nintendo 8 bit retro games for free.

Classic Arcade Games

One of the popular website to play arcade classic games such as mario, galga, metal slug, sonic, street fighter 2 to my most favorite pac man. It has lot of games listed and categorized beautifully. Beside each game, it shows the number of times it has been played and ratings from the users. On the left panel, you can find the most popular, top rated and commented games. It has social buttons to share the game with your friends on social communities.

Retro Nintendo Games

It has most popular retro nintendo games that needs java to run on your computer. Once you open the game to play, allow java runtime so that you can play the game without any lag.

Nintendo 8

Nintendo8 provides you with the popular retro games from the 80’s and 90’s. It has categorized into SNES games, turbo, commodore 64 games, Nintendo 8-bit games, DOS games etc. On the homepage it shows the current day’s pick to play the game. You can use the navigational bar to browse the categories and play the games. Requires java runtime to play the game.

2600 Online

2600 Online ? the name is decidated to Atari 2600 (a video game console released in 1977. learn more at wiki)

Virtual Apple 2

Virutal Apple 2 lets you to play Apple IIgs games. You will find games like Oregon Trail and Number Munchers which many of you played as kids, as well as games like Tetris, Battle Chess, Leisure Suit Larry, Choplifter, Archon II and Kings Quest. You will need ActiveGS plugin to play games on this site. You can download from chrome store, install and start playing.

Bonus : Play Nintendo Online

Hopefully the list will be useful and as most similar websites arise, we will update the list. If you find or know websites for playing old retro games, do let us know through comments.

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