10 Hard-Hitting Reasons To Unfollow You on Twitter


Just some random thoughts on mind why I feel like unfollowing some people on twitter. Earlier I was like – Follow everyone back who follows me. Ended up in a big mess that I started to hate my twitter home feed. All these days I was using only my twitter list to follow tweeps in various niches. Thought of cleaning my twitter timeline, which brought me to write this post. Confused on what reasons I should unfollow tweeps. Finally thought of listing out. Here you go !

1. We haven’t had any conversation in long time.
2. Your tweets doesn’t excite me anymore.
3. If all your tweets are only links / bots.
4. If you don’t respond me.
5. Fake profiles with h0t girl display
6. Yet to fill the twitter bio and change the egg display, then I must hit unfollow.
7. Retweeting really dumb things (like most of the celebrities do)
8. Only Instagram / Foursquare tweets.
9. If you talk in Alien language.
10. Annoying with a gif display image.
11. Fanboys.
12. Spamming tweets with trending hashtags.

5 Ways to Find out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

I don’t know what else I have in mind, may be I can update this post with some more reasons as I clean up my twitter feed. Felt like sharing this with you. All you need to learn from this is, never blindly follow some one thinking that he/she may be interesting (that’s like how I was doing twitter wrong). Don’t take it for granted. Find what are your interests and follow like minded quality people.

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  1. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 is realy true. I hate this things. I hate.

    Great arcticle, nice job!

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