How Much Are You Worth To Facebook ? I’m Valued at $377, Find out Yours !


When Facebook went for IPO, initially it was opened at 42$ valued at $116 billion. Now currently Facebook stocks at $30.014 (at the time of writing this post). This couldn’t be possible without 800 million people. If you’re one among them, do you want to find out value of your facebook profile ? Previously, there are many facebook apps to find out your facebook profile value, but at that time it sounded little odd. But, after Facebook went IPO when you calculate your facebook value makes some sense.

Abine’s Go Private has a Facebook value calculator that tells you how much you’re worth to facebook. It takes certain answers from you and calculates the amount. Apart from this little app, Abine is completely an online privacy company that controls or helps you to control your facebook or online privacy information. This Facebook value calculator app from Abine is a positive welcome to showcase their products.

So how does the app calculate your facebook profile value ? It asks you 7 questions such as where do you live (area specific), how many facebook friends you have, how often you use like buttons, how often you post photos, play games, how long you wish to use facebook and finally the money you earn. Based on these questions, it displays the total amount that your facebook account profile is worth.

Just another fun app, never get broken seeing the value displayed :P You can try it using this link.

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  1. John @ Hanging says:

    I keep waiting for Facebook to start stepping up their advertising practices and/or putting some additional requirements on partner sites. I would not be surprised to see them buy/start a search engine site in the near future…

    They’ve effectively created a parallel internet (AOL 2.0) and I’m surprised their return per user is less than Google.

  2. Pavan Somu says:

    I’m 120$ only. This site is something that wastes our time for 2min :P

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