See How Easily You Can Manage Passwords in Your Blackberry Phones


If you’re using your Blackberry phone as a primary device to check-in your net-banking details, logging into different social websites and using their services. I always recommend people to have ultra strong passwords (learn here how to create ultra strong passwords) that consists of symbols, capital letters, characters etc. So, how are you going to remember all the passwords for different services ? After a while, logging into these web services time to time is going to be such a pain because, you cannot be typing your username and password everytime. That’s where Blackberry password managers play a significant role. With just one master password, you can get control of all your usernames and passwords for various web services that you use.

Password keeper app datavault is one of the best password manager for blackberry phones. The Password Keeper app is designed to help you keep all your passwords in a safe, secure location on your BlackBerry smartphone, allowing you to access them whenever needed. Once installed, it is very easy to use. For the first time, create your master password to secure all your other passwords and usernames. Make sure you remember your master password, because if you forget, it gives you 10 attempts to try differnet passwords, then it will wipe out all the datas stored inside it.

Now once you’ve selected the master password, its time to enter information for websites usernames and passwords. You can add title, username, password, website link and notes. Once all the information you want or need to input is entered, hit the Menu key and select Save. After you have entered all of your passwords, exit Password Keeper and you’ll be able to see it encrypt your information before closing.

One of my favorite features is that you can transfer Password Keeper data from an existing BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry smartphone. When you transfer the data to your new BlackBerry smartphone, you just need to enter the password used to access Password Keeper on the previous BlackBerry smartphone to unlock Password Keeper. When you want to use the username and passwords, open it, press the ABC button to copy the username and asterisks icon to copy the password. Just copy and paste it. All your passwords will be encrypted.

There is another best app in this category – Ascendo Data vault. It helps you to store important information such as credit card details, pin, passwords etc. It is most comprehensive password manager for blackberry. It has advanced security options, extensive browser integration, email encryption, desktop sync and many other custom settings.

The main feature in this, you can sync your data vault items with Datavault for blackberry or datavault for iPhone, iPod touch. It also has integration with browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE. You can fill web forms automatically, create desktop shortcuts for web form logins.

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