New Design at Madras Geek Blog


It was time. I’ve updated the design at Madras Geek Blog with something that I hope works well for everyone.

I wanted something simple. Minimal looking. Hope it Loads faster now.

If you’re reading this via the RSS feed, please come take a look!

I’ve still got a bit of fine tuning to do in a few places.

But now it’s your turn – What do YOU think?

Take a view around, look at some posts, pages, search, etc. and let me know your thoughts!

You might see a couple broken links, or missing images or strangely sized bugs. If you do, please let us know on Twitter or using the Contact Form.

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  1. Pavan Somu says:

    The new design is so elegant. Liked it :)

  2. Sumanth says:

    Hii madras geek..
    ur new design is very simple and wat i observed while opening a post from homepage is the pageload time is very less. with in a sec or even less i got the post opened and i didnt even felt like the post loaded..nice optimization..

    btw i cant find any time stamp on any post .do u removed it by will or overlooked it.. as a reader i like to know the time when the post is published atleat the day and month..

  3. Gautham says:


    I have a suggestion for you .

    It would be better if you include Read more for each post !!


  4. A good aesthetic design with good implementation for quick loading.

    Good work, look forward to more posts from you on the tech side.

    BTW, would you be making the template public for your blog…just a thought.


    Devesh Prabhu

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