MyStatusBar Chrome Extension Leads to Facebook Addiction Disorder


Facebook addiction disorder is the new term going around, which was first introduced by phychologists for people who’re addicted to facebook, having signs of facebook addiction. Do you need help because addicted to facebook ? First deactivate and carry on with your life. Stats says that over 350 million people are addicted to facebook around the world and there are Facebook addiction support groups to help facebook addicts. Now that’s another part to deal on how to overcome facebook addiction. Now this is like adding more fuel to your fire. Yes, today I’ve got a chrome extension that will be enjoyed by facebook addicts.

My Status Bar chrome extension adds a floating bar at the bottom of your chrome browser. It doesn’t vanish, it remains floating all the time when you’re browsing using Google Chrome. It updates all your friend req, message notifications instantly and also shows new status messages and updates in the floating bar which becomes handy for facebook addicts.

Once you’ve installed the My Status bar chrome extension, login facebook and authorize the Mystatusbar app to access your profile stuff. When you allow the app, it posts a intro status msg (you can delete the message as soon you authorize the app) and start using the My status bar extension.

You can browse your favorite sites while keeping in touch with your friends all the time and My status bar is clean and doesn’t contain any malware or keystroke sniffing stuff. If your friends upload any photos or refresh their status you won’t miss them thanks to the notices.

Download My Status bar

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