All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet


Do you know that Microsoft has launched its own tablet ? By the time now, largely every one may have come to know about the Microsoft’s new tablet named ‘Surface’. Last night Microsoft launched its new tablet WITH a keyboard called ‘Surface’ which runs on Microsoft Windows 8 RT (known as Windows on ARM). The term Windows RT means, its an operating system that will be for ARM devices such as tablets. It will run software only through Windows store and MS will sell only to device manufacturers and not as standalone product.

The newly launched Microsoft Tablet ‘Surface’ comes in two variants. One is Surface for Windows 8 RT and other one is a pro version ‘Surface for Windows 8 Pro’. Currently, Microsoft is releasing/showcased only the Surface which runs on Windows RT. As you all know, Windows RT will be installed only on tablets and ultrabooks which are thin, light weight and gives you long battery life. The MS Surface runs on Windows RT comes with Word, Powerpoint, One note etc.

Microsoft Surface tablet Specs :

1. Surface for Windows RT
2. Surface for Windows 8 Pro

Surface on Windows RT edition is so thin and light weight. It holds just 676g and 9.3mm thin.

It has got a 10.6 cleartype HD display but supports only 720P. The Pro version of Surface supports the full HD 1080p. So on Surface for Windows RT, the HD resolution is low compared to retina display. It is energized with 31.5 W-h and can be connected to a Micro SD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae. The Surface for Windows RT will be shipped in 32GB and 64 GB versions.

The Surface for Windows RT which runs on ARM processors will have Nvidia Tegra chipset (Tegra 3+). I was expecting Qualcomm because of its existing parternship for Windows phone. But, Microsoft and Nvidia did collaborate before on the Kin and Zune HD. Apart from this, Surface tablet for Windows RT comes with vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium case.

Surface on Windows 8 Pro (which will be shipped about 3 months later after Windows 8 general availability) is slightly thicker than the Windows RT model. It weighs 903g and 13.5mm thickness. It has same 10.6 inch Cleartype Full HD display. The features part is Epic on Windows 8 pro model as it comes with Faster connection USB 3.0, microSDXC that lets you to add storage upto 2TB of microSD cards, Mini DisplayPort Video and 2×2 MIMO antennae.

For the productivity, it comes with Touch Cover, Type Cover, Pen with Palm Block. The Windows RT model also has touch cover, type cover except Pen with palm block. It will be shipped in 64GB and 128GB. As I said earlier, will be available after 3 months. The pricing factor hasn’t been announced for both the models. MS says the pricing will be announced closer to its availability and Surface tablet will be available through Microsoft’s physical retail stores in the US and through select online outlets of the Microsoft Store.

The Windows RT model uses Nvidia Tegra chipset, but the Windows 8 Pro model uses Intel processor with Ivy bridge chipset. Both has WiFi connectivity, Video ports, data connection ports, Headphone port (only for Windows 8 Pro model).

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price :

I guess that the pricing of Surface for Windows 8 Pro model will be competed against Ultrabook laptops. It’ll atleast be $599 that’s where Apple prices their 32GB tablet.

On battery life of Surface tablet, the Windows RT model will sustain longer than Windows 8 Pro model because of the ARM based which consumes less battery. Will the Windows 8 Pro model hold a decent battery life ? Only time will answer.

We will see about Touch and Type cover in detail now. The Surface tablet comes with a integrated kick stand, Touch cover, Type cover – which are just external keyboard docks. The Surface touch cover is a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad which is unique thin (3mm) rubber stuff that connects to your Surface with a single magnetic click. It uses pressure sensing technology that inputs your typing as gestures. The Type cover (5.5mm) is something similar to your traditional keyboard.

Here Microsoft has done a brilliant job on the Touch cover. Taking the best of Apple’s smart cover and ASUS laptop dock and merging them together with some innovation. If you watch the below video, you will understand better about Touch/Type Cover for Surface tablet :

If you want to watch Last night’s Microsoft Surface Keynote Event, check out the below video.

So, Will Surface tablet replace notebooks as your primary computing device ? It’s too early to compare this with Apple iPad. What are your thoughts on the new Surface tablet ?

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