How One Easy Tweak Makes Your Teeth White in Photoshop


Now here is the solution, Brush Your Teeth More often :)) Jokes apart, here is quick solution to yellow teeth problems. When there is a yellow teeth in photos, you can easily change yellow teeth into White using Photoshop techniques. Today we are going to see Step by step tutorial on make teeth whiter in photoshop. You can easily make white teeth in photoshop that looks beautiful.

How to whiten teeth in photoshop

This is one of the easiest methods to mkae teeth whiter in Photoshop. You don’t require much photoshop knowledge, just follow the step by step instruction to achieve!

1. Open your image and double-click the background to make it a layer. Simply double click and it will create a layer, just give ok.

2. Set the foreground color to white. On the left side bottom, you can find the icon to change the foreground color to white.

3. Choose the paint bucket tool. The paint bucket tool can be found in Gradient tool option. Right click the gradient tool icon and check the paint bucket tool option in Adobe photoshop CS5.

4. Then, Make sure the “All Layers” box is checked at the top navigational bar.

5. Now Click the teeth! The white paint will flow. If you feel that pure white, then you can set the foreground color to light white according to your preference.

6. That’s it ! Now you’ve a white teeth :)

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