How to Remote Control Your PC with Android Phone ?


Few days back bumped into this beautiful android app and fell in love with it. It does crazy stuff. On the past, I had told you about how to make your andorid phone datacable less, transfering files and apps through WiFi without using your data cable. And also controlling your Winamp music using android phone. But today, I found an android pc remote control app that controls your entire Windows PC via your android phone. Seriously best android pc remote control app – you don’t need to be sitting in front of PC. Just use your Windows PC from anywhere, control it entirely via your android phone. Let’s see how to remotely control your pc on a android tablet / android phone.

Unified remote turns phone into remote. Literally, its like holding a remote and controlling your PC via android phone. A app that lets you control you computer with android. It describes “Unified Remote is an app that let you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external gadgets that can be connected to your computer (such as USB-UIRT and TellStick). We even provide extensive capabilities for users to create their own custom remotes for their needs.”

Currently, it supports only on Windows PC and Android phone. Sooner you can expect it on to work with Mac, Linux, iPhones, Windows Phones too. So how does it work and what all it needs ? You need to install two things to make it work. A unified remote server app on your Windows machine and a Unified remote control app on your android device. There is nothing much to explain about this app, once you’ve installed it, you will enjoy using it. Unlimited fun !

Steps on How to control your computer with your phone

First I installed the unified remote server app on Windows PC which requires .net framework 4.0 to work.

So I installed the server app on my PC. Just download and install, that’s it. Nothing to configure.

Then I installed the android app on my android device. You can see this link for download.

Once you’ve installed the android app, open it. You can find Remote list, Servers, Preferences, Exit.

Click the Server option, add > automatic – it detects my windows PC server automatically.

Now click the Remote option. It will display all the list of remotes available to control your PC.

Guess what ? You can even control your Windows PC using voice commands.

It recognizes your voice commands, so press the microphone icon in the top right corner of the app to start using voice commands.

Voice commands can be used both here in the remotes list and inside individual remotes.

For example : to change remote or open a remote, say the remotes name : Spotify. So it opens the app. If you want to play, then say ‘Spotify play’. You can use multiple actions such as Spotify pause next next play.

You can also use type command for the keyboard input by saying ‘Type hello world’

If you want to open a website in chrome browser, say ‘Chrome address send’

Click the remotes, you will see list of applications that it supports. It has so many apps such as Winamp, VLC, Windows media center, photo viewer, youtube, task manager, Start button, spotify, send text, scroll wheel, powerpoint, picasa, pandora, opera, chrome, firefox, internet explorer, netflix, keyboard, itunes, hulu, foobar, file manager, boxee and many more.

You will get instructions on how to use (the functions of each icon in the remote) before you start using.

The basic input remote acts as your mouse. Similar to your laptop’s touchpad. Simply open the basic input option, where you use your android phones’ screen as touchpad. use touch to stimulate mouse movement. tap with one finger to left click, two fingers to right click. drag with two fingers to scroll.

The file manager shows your hard disk and its files completely. You can browse any file in your android phone and open them in your PC. I just sat on my couch, browsed through my movies folder and opened a movie in PC. Watched it, controlled its volume everything in VLC using my android phone like a boss !

Even you can click the Windows start button from your android phone, browse through applications and open them in your PC.

Finally you can create shortcuts to remote that you use often. Navigate to your home screen and long press on an empty area, select shortcuts > remotes > select a remote. For example, media player, vlc player, itunes and other day to day app remotes can be made to shortcut.

Check Unified Remote app

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