How To Make Android Phone Calls Over WiFi?


I am not going to write about something to make free calls with google voice on android. It’s an app similar to Whatsapp that lets you to send Text messages, Make free calls to any person anywhere in the world. A VoIP over 3G, WiFi that works on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Both the users should have the app and can make free calls , send text messages, pictures etc. There is no separate ID, your phone number acts as your ID.

Viber is a mobile application that lets you to make phone calls over WiFi, 3G data connection. You make free phone calls to anyone that also has the application installed anywhere in the world. Its just like skype, but without having to add contacts or ask for IDs, with viber everyones phone number is their ID. Just tap, call and talk for free.

So what’s special ? The VoIP sound quality is awesome. It is much better than your regular call. You can call, text any Viber user anywhere in the world for free. You can make free international calls and text messages to other Viber users using 3G or Wi-Fi. It just syncs with your existing contact list and once you’ve installed, you can start calling the Viber users from your contact list for free.

The installation and using process is so simple. Any one can use it. All you need is a Smartphone (Viber app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone). If you have any of these smartphones, just go ahead and install viber. Step by step instructions below.

1. Go to – select your smartphone and install the Viber app. For Android users here is the link.

2. Allow Viber to access your contact list.

3. Enter your phone number and register on Viber. It will send you an authorization code as SMS, enter it on Viber app to start using.

4. In the settings pane, you can set how you want the notification popup, show message previews and other settings etc.

5. You can send text message, make free calls and add contacts to your viber list. The call quality is excellent.

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  1. kurtumi says:

    viber is very usefull.

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