How I Improved My Android Camera to Get DSLR Style Photography


I love taking photos using my android phone. Previously I was using Camera 360 Ultimate pro for taking photos with some excellent filters, after that started using Instagram when it was launched for android. Now tried this app called ‘After Focus’ for android that brings DSLR style photography into your android phone. The app is par excellent. When you notice photos taken in DSLR, you can see the DOP (depth of field) where the item which you focused looks sharp and the surroundings will be blurred. Similary, After focus brings that style into android camera with options of adding various filters to your photos.

After Focus android camera app is absolutely impressive. Let’s run through the installation, it’s features and review on How I felt about the app after using it.

Once you’ve installed the After focus app, open it. It has 3 options – Take Photo, Select one from album and Take two photos. The last option (take two photos) is only available for pro version. So, now take a photo/select any photo from the album. Select which method you want to focus the area. There are two options. Manual and smart way.

Now use your finger and draw the focus area. Draw a white line on the desired focus area, Next select the background area which you want to be blurred. Now select the background option and draw a line to inner part of background area. When that’s done, move to the next step.

The next step has more options and filters. Options to select between Lens blur and Motion blur. Then Aperture, fading background, etc.

Filters – it has some amazing filters like antique, color mask, black and white, sepia etc. Filter 2 has effects like Vignetting, bokeh, sticker and sharpen etc.

Overall, the app is amazing and par excellent. Must have and try atleast once, you will love it. I fell in love with it. Time to uninstall Instagram !

A sample picture below after processing in After focus app (focused on the light with blur effect and some filters such as color mask)

Download After Focus

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