Get Rid of Image Copyright Theft Once and For All


If you’re a photographer, content creator then your works which are published on the internet aren’t safe enough. Mainly, the image theft can happen easily. Image theft means, if you produce a image content (say for example – a creative cartoon, infographic data or a photograph) and when it gets stolen and published on some other website with no due credit, called as Image theft. How do you add a copyright to your photos ? Watermark photos on the right side of the imageand its a best method used by users to protect the rights of the pictures that go on the internet.

You can watermark images using an image editor or Photoshop to watermark your digital photos. The question is, how many can afford a photoshop tool ? There are lot of free online services and free softwares for watermarking photos. If you’re looking for a simple solution to watermark your images, then here is a quick way !

Previously I had written alot of articles related to Watermarking Your Digital Photos using TSR Watermark software, Online tools 4 Websites to Watermark images and few other open source watermark softwares. So, make sure when ever you upload or produce a image content, never forget to watermark them with your name/website or anything else.

While trying to find a simple online tool to watermark pictures, I found this “Watermarquee” web app. It can add watermarks to your pictures in few steps. Yes, the free version allows you to upload your photos, place your watermark on the image and get them downloaded back to your desktop. You can add a text watermark or image watermark. If you want to add your company logo or brand logo to the image, then you can use Image watermark option. The tool supports many languages including spanish, french etc.

You can upload multiple images to watermark. But, the restriction is 1 MB per picture. You can adjust the size, opacity and color of your watermark. When you’re satisfied with the results, you can save all the images to your desktop at once in Zip archive.

The web app also has premium options where you get many features like sharing photos on flickr, facebook, advanced watermark tools, adding multiple watermark in single image, remove restrictions on image file size and supports various image formats like JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG and RAW.

Try out the Watermarkquee app !

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