Create Word Cloud Art with WordCam Android app


One of the android photo tools, today we are going to review a Word Art Android app that allows you to create word art designs through an android word art generator. The word art creator android app lets you to make any photo into a word art styles with few clicks. The ‘WordCam’ android app, re-creates your gallery or camera photos on a blank canvas from scratch using only text. Words + Camera = ART!

You all may have created word art in the past or seen Word Art. Its a visual process to project a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a picture MADE of a thousand words? For example : Take a picture of Apple and fill up the photo with words like iPhone, iPad, Steve jobs. Cool isn’t it ?

With your Android phone and WordCam app you can create your own WordArt. Simple – install the app, select a photo to turn into word art, insert words that you want to fill up and hit the button. It processes the photo into a wordart and finally you can save it.

For filling up with words, you can use single word or multiple words or even single letter. You can use any character you wish. There are set of fonts to select from, so that it will display the words in selected font. Changes are made and it quickly fine tunes and processes the image quickly.

Some tips to get the best out of WordCam :

Simple objects and clutter free backgrounds work best. It can give you some amazing results, but you have to try various images.

Download WordCam Android app

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  1. David says:

    Yes it is a sweet app..
    But WHY THE FK would I take pics of apples and write gay shit about icrap on my ANDROID?

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