Get This Chrome Extension Now and Control Your Music Like a Boss !


Like a boss is an internet slang used to describe a work which is done professional or in a cooler way or which means in a sense, someone is doing something awesome. So, today we have a chrome extension that allows you to control your music played on your browser. If you work on multiple tabs (say for example 10-15 tabs at anytime) and listens to music online at Grooveshark, or any online radio station, then controlling them (previous track, next, adjust volume, play, pause stuff) is such a pain. Now this chrome extension allows you to control music played on your browser just from one place – Your browser’s address bar.

Music Controller is a simple chrome browser extension that helps you to control your browser’s music in one place. It integrates with YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark, Google music, Rdio and MOG. So at which ever place you play the music, you can control everything at one place. Once you’ve installed the extension, it finds a place near your address bar and from there you can control all the music sites.

It will lists all music found in background tabs and displays the options to mute button, play next/prev tracks. You can quickly pause all background music with one click. If you click on a song, it will switch to that tab.

Such a cool chrome extension one must try! For people like me who opens up tons of chrome tabs and also listens music online at Grooveshark, this extension comes handy. If you want to control your music played at Grooveshark from your mobile, then you can try this method.

Groovebud – which acts as a remote control for Grooveshark. You can completely control music played on your computer from your mobile phone.

If you use Winamp as your primary music player, then try this Android app that can be used as Remote control for Winamp on PC.

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